About me

Hi, there!

I am glad you are interested in my blog. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Teresita. I have cancer. And I live life to the fullest. Every day.

It is not always easy – it is a conscious decision.

  • It means overcoming my own fears.
  • It means justifying my choices when being confronted with critical advice from others.
  • It means finding a balance between my duties and responsibilities as a wife, a mother of four children and stepmother of three more.
  • It means making economic use of my educational background, my knowledge of foreign languages, creativity and entrepreneurial energy and adapting my professional life to my personal framework.
  • It means dealing with lots of other practical obstacles and knowing when it is indispensable to compromise.
  • Last but not least it means taking my chronic diseases into consideration. I suffer from chronic lymphatic leukemia as well as from chronic bronchitis. For a long time I thought I was suffering from chronic depression, until my doctors found out that my depressive episodes were caused be severe iron deficiency. Still, my weak immune system and recurrent infections make me vulnerable at a physical as well as at an emotional level.

I have big dreams and so far I have realized most of them. The shock of being diagnosed with leukemia (here’s my story) at the age of forty in 2015 did not stop me from dreaming. Even though I am increasingly running out of options, running out itself just isn’t an option for me. I constantly search for ways and means to achieve my objectives. I refuse to give in to self-pity. Instead, I try to focus on the feasibility of future projects and to calculate my risks. Astonishingly enough, it works. My motivation? I love life and believe that only those afraid of dying will never learn to live.

I started to blog, because I want to encourage people in similar situations. People like me who suffer from chronic diseases. People with different mental or physical health issues which seem to prevent them from doing what they really long to do. I want you to be aware of your potential and to be able to follow your dreams. Based upon my own experiences, I want to help you to focus on the possible and thus make the impossible come true.

I am 44 years old now.

Death is for sure – but life is an option. Always.


PS: Being an expat I decided to write my blog entries in English. My mother tongue is German, I live in a Spanish speaking country and have friends all over the world. English seems to be a good compromise.

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