The anti-cancer Budwig diet: A personal account

I wondered whether I would have to change my diet after being having been diagnosed with leukemia, but my doctors (seriously!) told me not to mind. After a while, when I realized that my health condition was slowly deteriorating, I searched the internet for cancer diets and ended up with the Budwig Protocol.

I have never cared much about healthy nutrition for myself. I am very diligent about my children’s food, their intake of vitamins, minerals and calories, yet I never seem to find the time to cook something decent for myself. My being vegetarian and my love of spicy food makes it even more difficult, as nobody in the family shares these preferences.

So basically, what I was searching for was an anti-cancer diet which was suitable for vegetarians and did not require too much daily effort. I liked the description of the Budwig Protocol, because it talked a lot about cell chemistry. As someone who suffers from blood cancer, I felt I needed a diet that went deeper than just giving me additional vitamins. I felt I needed something that would change my blood and cancer cells from within.

And that’s exactly what the Budwig Protocol promises. It aims to convert oil-soluble omega-3 fatty acids into water-soluble omega-3 fatty acids. The purpose of the diet which cannot only be used for cancer patients is to energize the cells by restoring their natural electrical balance. Along with the Cellect (an additional powder) it is believed to be a diet which shows immediate results (“in days” as some articles promise) and helps to reduce inflammations.

Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist born in 1908, was using organic flaxseed oil combined with organic low-fat cottage cheese in preventing and curing Cancer and Chronic Diseases. Her fans call her a top cancer research scientist, biochemist, blood specialist, pharmacologist, and physicist who was even nominated for the Nobel Prize. My critical mind was questioning the success of the diet, in fact – if it works so well, why is it not the standard cure for cancer victims and why is it still relatively unknown?


I was not so much attracted to Budwig’s reputation  but to the fact that I would be able to bend her strict rules for nutrition easily. I decided I would simply continue eating what I liked and add the cottage cheese-flaxseed oil mixture.

I can’t tell you how much loathe the descriptions on how to prepare food for the diet. Mostly, people don’t even try to make it sound yummy anymore. The preparations are more like directions for the use of medical equipment. You have your lists, your order of mixing ingredients, your measurements…and in the end, it all tastes the same – like boring cottage cheese with oil. The descriptions are not about pleasure, but about the chemical effects of the food.

I started with my very relaxed version of the Budwig Protocol in October 2016 and I am still on it most of the time. Yet, I am stretching and bending the rules more and more. The clinical lab results I have had since I started the diet do not reflect any improvement or radical decline. A Budwig expert would tell me that I have to stick to the rules if I want to see success, of course.  I am not prepared to do that yet. I enjoy food far too much.

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