Chronic Illness from dusk till dawn

Saturday night, three weeks ago. I went out at about nine o clock, meeting some friends. At eleven o clock I felt I could be getting a cold. At two at clock at night my voice had become raucous. At about four o clock I went to bed. When I woke up, I was hardly able to get up anymore. Three weeks later, I am still sick. I have been through tonsilitis and bronchitis. The cold season for me doesn’t mean that the weather is getting colder. It means that I am constantly cold – and sick. Yesterday I fainted again – for the first time in months. I fainted in the toy department of our local shopping mall and my toddler was nearby. I hate it when my kids have to watch my circulatory failures. The older ones are already used to it, they even offer me their arm or carry my bags when they realize that I am struggling. But my little one does not understand those incidents yet.

Fainting made me realize that I had to blog again. The last months have been great. It is getting colder now and CLL is knocking at the door again.

I love summer. Not only, because my birthday is in summer. Not just because of the holidays. I love summer, because I am not sick all the time in summer. In fall, each cold leads to a bronchitis and each bronchitis leads to the next one. It goes on and on until spring. In spring and in summer it is much easier for me to forget that I suffer from CLL. True, as I live in a warmer climate, my health condition has improved tremendously. At least I do not develop pneumonia or influenza as I did before when I lived in Central Europe.

Nine o clock at night, three weeks ago.




The next day.


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