Cold feet: Darling, warm me up

In winter, my feet are more or less permanently cold. As for many other women my first remedy is my husband. He has to deal with my cold feet and get them warm again by massaging the toes or simply being physically close to me. He is the best heating I have.

Science supports my impression: Extra massages will improve blood flow to the area. And poor blood circulation is the most common reason for cold feet. Start with the toes and massage them in a circular motion, then proceed to the feet. I just love it when my husband uses warm oils. Black Pepper, Cinnamon Ginger, Juniper Berry and Rosemary are beneficial for getting rid of the chills. During the massage, there is already a lot of body contact. Unfortunately it is only one foot at a time. (As I don’t have two husbands for each of my feet). That is why I love to keep the feet warm between my hubby’s thighs afterwards.

Again, my intuitive way of dealing with cold feet is scientifically sound and valid. For dealing with hypothermia for example, the naked-body-method or body-to-body-method is recommended. The person who suffers from cold should be sandwiched between two “warmers”, either naked or in underwear. If possible, it would be beneficial to take a hot shower before. To conserve and insulate the heat, they should use sleeping bags or at least blankets.  (Again: for extra warmth, polygamy might be the solution, if your whole body is cold)

I originally come from an Alpine country where avalanches occur frequently. This method is not only known in the Alps but also amongst fishermen in Alaska’s ice cold Bering Sea.  It is something mothers can do for their infants of low birth weight as well – actually, it is the only cure in rural areas of the developing countries.

In case your partners (it will be husbands mostly, as women are about nine times more likely to suffer from cold feet much more than men) should protest against being used as a human heating, show them this article and tell them any doctor would prescribe their warmth treatment without doubt.

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