Cold feet in the air: 10 tips for staying warm

No wonder, the airline personnel generously hands out socks for passengers before long distance flights start. Cold feet are a problem for many people. Keeping your shoes on does not help. I will tell you how to stay warm.Because of the changing cabin temperature, your feet might start to sweat and your socks will get damp and eventually cold. What can you do to avoid being uncomfortable on the flight or getting sick before your vacation has even started?

  • You might fly to a tropical island where people have never experienced cold. Still, your airplane will be air conditioned. Therefore, don’t wear your sandals during the flight, but use your own socks or the ones you are being given (not all the airlines provide socks, be careful)
  • If you have circulation problems, wear compression stockings. Should you still be cold, put on an extra layer of woolen socks as well.
  • An excellent advice I got from a Thai doctor on Bangkok airport: use tiger balm on the bottom of your feet, before putting on the socks. This ointment will increase the circulation and provide some additional warmth. You can also use it for headaches that might result from jetlag or lack of sleep. It’s a perfect accessory for your first aid travel kit as it comes in comfortably small sizes.
  • Don’t sit close to the exit doors or in the very back of the airplane and try to reserve the seat between window and aisle. Ask your neighbors to turn down the air condition if it is blowing on you.
  • Use heat wraps to keep cold from creeping in.
  • If you feel that your feet are getting damp, make sure you have an additional pair of socks with you.
  • Should the blanket you are given be too thin or too small, ask for an extra one. Cover yourself from head to toe. Some airlines even have thicker blankets in store.
  • Drink hot drinks. The tea might not taste as delicious as in Buckingham Palace, but sip it slowly and warm your hands on the plastic cup.
  • Hot food, especially upon arrival, will also help to cope with chills.
  • Try to sleep as much as possible. If you are awake, move your feet and massage them.                                                       

    Have a good flight and a safe journey!

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