Cool relief for your night sweats

Having talked to other spoonies, I have found out that there are two kinds of night sweats – one that does not depend on the room temperature and one that does. Here, I will show you how you can deal with excessive perspiration, if you are comfortable sleeping in a cold room. Please also check whether you have an underlying health problem.If you have night sweats and the cold does not help you, please read on here. Otherwise, These tips might help you:

1. Check with your doctors and get a thorough check-up

If your night sweats are seriously bothering you, the first thing to do would be to talk to your doctor about it. Check your blood, hormones and Vitamins!

2. Cold showers

Taking a cold or at least cool shower before going to bed should keep you with “no sweat” for a while.

3. Eat differently

Spicy food, especially late at night, alcoholic drinks, white sugar, carbonated drinks and starch also seem to make a difference. By not eating them, a significant relief was experienced by several spoonies. Make sure you drink enough during the day, but avoid drinking too much before going to bed.

4. Take magnesium

Some people say that taking extra magnesium supplements helps them to prevent excessive sweating at night.

5. Wind and ventilation

Keep your room ventilated all the time by opening windows or turning the AC on

6. Your bed

Use breathable, washable mattresses. Cover the sheets with extra towels during the night if necessary.

7. Light sheets

Use light sheets only, but keep extra sheets next to you during the night. They should be made of cotton.

8. Nightclothes

Sleep in light, cotton fabrics. Tank tops (or even less clothing) are recommended9.

9. Icepacks

While other people might need hot water bottles to keep warm and cozy in their beds, consider using icepacks to get some relief from the heat waves that bother you at night.

 10. “First aid”

Have a towel and additional sheets nearby for drying your sweat.

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