How to get rid of dandruffs effectively

Chronic disease and dandruffs often go hand in hand; especially when diabetes or a compromised immune system are involved. Over the years, my scalp seems to have changed. The type of dandruff I have now differs from the ones I used to have. At least I know how to get rid of them.

When I was younger, I had the type of dandruff that goes along with oily hair and hormonal change. As an adult I never had to worry about those ugly white flakes. But with my immune system getting weaker and weaker, I developed malassezia, a yeastlike fungus. Everybody has those fungi – yet for some people they cause infections and it is very hard to get rid of them.

If you suffer from malassezia or other serious dandruff problems like seborrheic dermatitis, the first thing you should do is see a dermatologist. It is not enough to simply ask your hairdresser for advice, when a dandruff problem has been going on for a long time.

Generally speaking, all dandruff problems can be dealth with. However, you might have to try out a few things before you find a solution for your condition. I will tell you how I got rid of those unwelcome flakes:

 ·         I changed my shampoos a million times – without success. Changing the type of shampoo will only help it you switch to one containing antifungal remedies (tea trea oil, cinnamic acid, lemongrass) or selenium disulfide.

 ·         I tried hair packs with neem oil and coconut oil – it only got worse. Mix olive oil and sea salt, add some crushed garlic. Rub the mixture into your scalp and rinse it out thoroughly after half an hour.

 ·         I used conditioner abundantly. Don’t do that! Never leave conditioner on your scalp, just use it on your hair.

 ·         I try to eat reasonably well. Nevertheless, I am not always as disciplined as I would like to be. Be careful about what you eat. Fresh fruit and vegetable will help you against all kinds of diseases – even against dandruffs. Zinc supplements will boost your defenses as well.

 ·         I am always cold. So I take hot showers, wash my hair with hot water and dry them with very hot air. Bad! Wash your hair with lukewarm water and don’t burn it during the  blow drying process. Instead use tourmaline hair dryers and heat-protectant serum.

If you start shampoo therapy, continue it for at least a week, treating your hair every day with andi-dandruff products. Dont be disillusioned if not only the dandruffs are gone…your hair might appear less shiny for a while as well. 

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