How my grandmother would have dealt with chronic disease

When I was young, I wouldn’t have thought so. Whatever my grandmother told me – it was true. A bright but uneducated daughter of a farmer, she was an ayurvedic healer as well as a specialist in Chinese medicine. My granny was an ecological expert and a resourceful nutritionist. She was a wonderful therapist at the same time. I will tell you what she used to say.

She said: Dear child,

  1. rise early and go to bed early. If you need to rest after lunch, either take a little nap or go for a walk. The sunlight should be your orientation. Electrical light will make you depressive on the long run. 
  2. You should never leave the house in the morning without having eaten and drunk something warm, you need warmth before going out.
  3. You have to have three warm meals a day. Each of them has to consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. Add rice or pasta or maybe potatoes. Eat fish on Friday and meat on Sunday.
  4. You should take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eat them when they are fresh.
  5. During the day, go outside, move, get your work done (as good as you can), breathe oxygen and use your muscles. 
  6. Don’t cry over spilt milk. And: theres nothing that time won’t heal (except leukemia, but she had already died before I was diagnosed)
  7. Whatever you do – don’t exaggerate. Don’t run too fast, don’t eat too much, don’t drink too much, don’t party too much. Be moderate.
  8. Try to find a routine for your daily life and stick to it. It might be a bit boring, but you will live a healthier life.
  9. Open the windows, let fresh air and the daylight in whenever you can.
  10. Value your health and take care of your body. One day you will remember what I told you (she was right!)

The advice she has given me is practically what all ayurvedic or TMC practitioners have told me so far. It does work. Unfortunately, it is difficult to fit it into our modern lives.   

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