I have this thing about shoes

I once went to a party where people had done their very best to dress up  – and then they all had to take their shoes off. The hostess was wearing an extremely tight and short cocktail dress, but she combined it with scuffs and the overall effect was ridiculous. (Also for the guests in their hole-in-toe socks) If you do your very best to look good during those bedridden or homebound days, don’t forget to choose your shoes carefully. I have summed up the golden rules for spoonie shoes for you here.

I don’t wear house shoes at all. When the weather is warm enough, I walk around barefoot and in winter my feet are so cold  that I have to wear socks ( I promise to write about socks, too… I guess I am an expert on warm fashionable socks by now). Nevertheless, I keep a few standard street shoes close to my bed which I have never worn outside of the house. They are part of my sick day outfit. All of them have to meet the following requirements.

The golden rules

  • Slip in, slip out: No laces, velcro fasteners, knobs or other tricky closures.
  • Keep it flat: No heels. I would make an exception for the tiniest heels. Below you will find a picture of my personal maximum. Don’t risk wearing heels – a vertiginous spoonie needs flat shoes.
  • Control your sole: always choose non slippery soles. If you get out of bed and you are dizzy, the last thing you need is to fall because of your soles.
  • Sweaty is not petty: Washable shoe inserts are the perfect solution for perspiring feet, a common problem for those getting out of bed.
  • Blow hot and cold: Chronic illness might make you feel cold in summer or hot in winter, so be prepared and have shoes ready that meet your needs. Lambskin insoles or even better warm & washable insoles are great. Watch out: your shoe size might change when you are wearing insoles!




A warm shoe for men who are chronic illness warriors.


Less elegant, but still acceptable if it fits the overall outfit – for male spoonies.


An elegant and classic slipper for all seasons.








This is the maximum heel height I would wear and recommend.



If you have chosen ethnic spoonie clothes, these arab-style  shoes are perfect for you.



Lambskin moccasins for winter days.








Some other ideas … the boudoir look and ballerina slippers or even stylish flip flops. I hope you have found some inspiration for your next spoonie shopping spree here! Enjoy!


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