Let sickness suit you

Common cold, weeks in bed without being kissed by the sun or serious anemia – there are many reasons, why looking as good as usual might be a challenge for us. Just because you are physically weak doesn’t mean you have to look it though. I have some make up tricks for you which can be helpful for women as well as men (if they dare to experiment with cosmetics).


If you are not one of those fragile porcelain types, being too pale might bother you. Before applying any make up, use moisturizer to get rid of dry skin (caused by your infection or an overheated bedroom). Next, use a small amount modestly tinted BB cream, which will improve your complexion and helps to cover up redness. (if necessary, apply a green pigmented before) Now apply an apricot or pink colored rouge to your cheeks (from the center of your cheeks outwards) Try to keep your look as natural as possible, because overdoing it would have the opposite effect.

Red Eyes

If your eyes are swollen, you can wrap an icecube in tissue and rub it carefully on the skin around your eyes. Before starting your beauty ritual, use eye drops. Then get nude or even white eye pencils and apply them on your lower lid. If you want, apply skin-colored eyeshadow as well. You can combine it with a refreshing and cooling eye roll-on. It works wonders!

Red Nose

In case you have a cold, apply green pigmented concealer against the redness around your nose. (Use moisturizer rich in Vitamin E before) If you have to sneeze frequently, choosing water proof mascara (better in brown than black) might be a good idea.


Anemia causes sores around the mouth and a virus might lead to chapped lips, cold sores and fever blisters. That’s why you should treat your lips before applying any color onto them. Use herpes patches and balm, if necessary.Then you can apply an apricot or pink colored lipstick.

In general

Go for the natural look! Too much make up or bright colors won’t look good on you now. Drink a lot – it helps you fight an infection and it will improve your skin. If you don’t have the energy to make yourself up, don’t worry: The “influenza look” or “byojaku” is very fashionable in Japan.

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