My bed is my castle

Whenever I am sick, my bed is my castle. Hence interior design for this very special palace is of utmost importance. I want to have all the important things in reach, but I also need to be able to forget about my disease once in a while – especially when I have visitors.

That’s why I keep my medicine and other items like thermometers in a box below the bed. This way, my bed stand is not that jammed either. I have to keep a glass, a mug and a thermos flask there. If I am well enough, a book or two might lie there as well. And of course my mobile phone, which I always have to have in reach. I keep it on a mobile phone holder and make sure it can be charged easily from the bed stand.

Sometimes, my husband can stay in bed with me at night, sometimes he has to sleep in another room (for example when I am coughing all night through). But his bed stand becomes mine whenever I am ill. I keep some family pictures and flowers there.

I have heard rumors that flowers might be harmful for the ailing. It is definitely not true. The main argument in those rumors is that plants might be taking away too much oxygen from the patient. Not true! The only problem with cut flowers could be the presence of bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa – that might affect weak immune systems, particularly during chemotherapy. By the way: Someone calculated the amount of oxygen needed by hundred potted plants would be equivalent of the oxygen your partner required when sleeping beside you.

I like to have candles around me, because they radiate warmth. I prefer scented candles, as they conceal any unpleasant smells in the room. I once had a scented color changing candle which was my favorite by far. It lightened up the room in the colors of the rainbow. I read that they even build them with remote control! I love real candles, because I want to see their flames burning and feel the heat as I get closer. Make sure, your room is well aired if there are many candles around. If you are too sick to monitor them yourself, get some flameless candles, for example Frostfire Mooncandles

Most important, though, is the color and design of my bedlinen. I love crazy patterns and motivating words on the print. bedlinen. I don’t want them to look as boring as in a hospital. I prefer very bright colors like red, blue, pink, orange, green and yellow for my bed clothes. I love crazy patterns and motivating words on the print.

My bed clothes have to be changed often when I am sick – but I always check I have enough sets for replacement. If my bed is my castle, the bed clothes have to reflect my royalty.

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