My daughter’s message: World Cancer Day

I might have cancer, but I don’t celebrate or mourn on World Cancer Day. I simply forget about it. This year, my 11 year old daughter didn’t. Let me tell you what happened:For a few days she maintained her preparations secret and finally, on February 4th, she gave two decorated sheets of paper and a letter to me. I was really moved by the letter she had written to me and will share it here with you:

“We all know that you have cancer. Today is your day, the world day of cancer and you should not think about the negative aspects of the disease. Think about the positive ones! I wrote down a summary of all the positive things that happened to you because of your cancer. But first, let me tell you about the negative stuff, so you can cry first and laugh afterwards…and then come and hug me.

The negative aspects

We all cried. We thought the worst was going to happen. You felt so bad. We didn’t know what to do.

The positive aspects

You can travel and do things more consciously now. Everybody helps you and wishes you all the best. We love you more than ever.

Good luck, mum!”

Reading the letter, I realize that the negative aspects are mainly written in the past tense, while the positive ones appear in the present tense. I know that my daughter has understood and accepted my chronic disease – and that she has learned to live with it just as I have. I don’t have to add anything. I think she has said it all.

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