Photos: A blogger’s dilemma

I am still so new to blogging and I am just loving it. But something that really annoys me is looking for the right pictures that go with my entries. I do not want to focus on white women, yet I find significantly fewer photos of men. If I explicitly search for African or Asian people, I obtain images which often reflect cultural stereotypes.

For example, last week I wanted to find a picture of a sleeping man. There were a lot of results showing white men and many sleeping Caucasian babies. I got more specific and looked for black men sleeping. And that was the point when I got kind of fed up. The first photo I could have used because it had the right size and format showed a black homeless man sleeping on a bench.

It’s slightly easier with Asian people. Mostly, I get women. A lot of motives though seem to be taken straight out of a tourist guide or travel magazine. I need everyday life in Asia … where can I find it?

A while ago, I needed a symbol for death. Nearly all the pictures that were suggested to me would attract a Christian or Jewish audience. It was difficult to find Hinduist, Buddhist or Muslim  symbols and when I finally got to them they were not representative enough.

Chronic disease is something which affects men as well as women, white people as well as African or Asian ones. I hope I will have readers from all continents. I do not want to exclude anyone. For specific topics like the cultural perception of illness or beauty I will turn to my many international friends who will hopefully help me to get it right.

Looking for cultural, religious and ethnic diversity in the photos I use for my blog turns out to be difficult. As I want to avoid stereotypes, there are not many pictures I can chose from. I am an open-minded person who has travelled around the globe.

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