Sick Chic

During the last shopping spree with my girlfriends, instead of falling in love with handbags, shoes or cocktail dresses, I was secretly attracted to the lingerie and nightwear stores. The intimates didn’t catch my eye – instead I went wild over the pyjamas.

Recently, I have grown bored of looking at haute couture. In the magazines, I skip the pages about latest fashion and don’t even care about the latest trends in daily wear anymore. Shopping has lost a lot of its appeal. The outfits on display don’t seem to reflect my needs anymore. Instead, I have developed an obsession about sleepwear. Why not? I spend such a lot of time in pyjamas, I want to be stylish when I am sick as well. Currently, I am ill about every third week. I catch the cold, I suffer from gastroenteritis, I have the flu and I always need to spend a few days in bed. And that’s where the wardrobe problem starts…

I would really like to work on my nightwear collection: But if the pajamas I see in the shops are fashionable, they are not warm or comfortable enough for me and therefore simply not fit for a sick person. I admit that the thermo designs I have found are far more practical, yet they seem to be made for people who don’t care about looks at all or who are much older than me.

I desperately crave some sick chic. I am a grown up woman affected by a serious disease. As a matter of fact; I have to spend a lot of time in bedwear. It does not seem adequate to be dressed in XL Mickey Mouse pyjamas or single-colored functional garments. Sexy negligés won’t solve my problem either, because they don’t go well with chills and fevers. Actually, being cute or sexy is not my most important concern. A little bit of style could certainly brighten up the days I have to spend in bed, though.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t found what I am looking for. While continuing my hunt for sick chic online, I generously mix a huge variety of garments and wear them in bed. Even though it might not look chic, I feel better in my wild combinations than I would in Mickey Mouse clothing. And there is something I can always do: I can buy bed linen with beautiful motives and enjoy the explosion of colors whenever I am bedridden.

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