The skydiving deal

All my life long it has been my motto to try everything at least once. To risk everything once – although I might not do it a second time if it is too frightening. When I talked about my ideas with others, I always mentioned skydiving as an example of something I would do without hesitation. I have never done it though. Not yet. Some weeks ago, my son was fed up with studying for school. He could not see any use in the things he was learning and felt it was taking to much of his precious time. I tried to motivate him, but during exam season it is complicated to find the right words.

In the end, I came up with an idea that made us both feel better. I had just started a new sugar free diet. All I could think about was chocolate – and my children knew it. As they sometimes worry about me having cancer, I explain the diets and therapies which I try to them.

I told my son: “Look, you know I have just started this dreadful diet. I don’t like and maybe it won’t even help. But I have to give it a shot. And so do you. You might never need all the things you are studying right now in future. Yet, you never know.”

I proposed a deal – the skydiving deal. As soon as he graduates from high school, I will go parachuting with him. Until then I will take the very best care of my body to stay healthy enough for our adventure. And he will study hard until he graduates.

We are both extremely satisfied with this deal. We remind each other of our common goal. I love it when he says “skydiving” whenever I longingly stare at the sweets in the supermarket. It really helps! And I am looking forward to experiencing free fall together with my son.

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