Why Instagram has changed my life

I have been on Instagram for how long…. a month, maybe? People kept telling me that I “needed” Instagram and I didn’t really understand why. I didn’t want to transform my life into a storybook. I am a spoonie, remember? Besides, I am the mother of four children and the owner of a rebellious cat. I work from home and I don’t have that much energy to go out at all the time. It took some time, but now I am in love with Instagram.

My home doesn’t look perfect 24/7 and it is also my workplace in the morning, when I sit in front of my computer. My children lead an extremely active life with lots of courses, classes and playdates, so my daily routine does not offer a lot of photo material – I am their taxi driver in the afternoon. If I go out with my husband or friends, I want to have a good time. I don’t want to make a photo story out of it.

I would not have involved my kids for many reasons. First of all, I think my Instagram account should be as honest as possible. I am not the cake baking, home decorating kind of mum. Posting pastel colored pictures of laughing children building sandcastles does not reflect our reality. We have those moments, of course, nevertheless our daily life is quite chaotic and hectic sometimes. I wouldn’t have the nerve to start taking pics of it. Second; I wouldn’t dare to use their lives for my account. When they are older, they can start their own.

So I decided to post photos of flowers I find on my way to the children’s school and the nursery, their music classes, tennis lessons. I am not a flower expert at all, actually, whenever I try to have flowers at home, they die – I am not green-thumbed at all. I like looking at the wild flowers and other peoples gardens though. I started to take pictures of flowers on my way to the supermarket, the bank and the post office. In the beginning, I was excited about getting good results by using the right filters. Now, it’s more than that.

A few days ago I realized that posting those flowers on Instagram has changed the perception I have of my environment. I am much more aware of the amazing place I live in, the wonderful blossoming plants that can be found when I am moving around from school to supermarket to tennis lesson. Instead of just finding beauty, I am actively searching during these – sometimes rather tedious – routes. I love it! Thank you Instagram.

Also, my mother who is the proud owner of a magnificent garden, started sending me photos of her favorite flowers. She even told me that she had wanted to preserve them visually and make them available to the public somehow for a while. Being wary about social media, she would never have an Instagram account herself. Now I am making her extremely happy by posting those flowers, explaining the filters I use, telling her about the reactions of others and encouraging her to send me more.

As a cancer patient and spoonie, I don’t have to pretend to lead perfect life. I can post the flowers printed on my duvet covers when I am sick or the cut flowers I keep in a vase. I can post floral prints and wallpapers. Flowers are everywhere. I always keep some flower “real” pics in reserve for very bad days – when I am in hospital in boring, white beds and nobody has brought me flowers yet.

Instagram has enriched my life in a way I would not have expected by making me much more aware of the beauty in my everyday life. I will never become green-thumbed, but I truly believe in “flower power” now. Enjoy my pictures, I am sick0chic on Instagram – or even better: show me the loveliness of your daily routines! 

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