Wound management: A new approach

A while ago, my Latin American friend and I tried to bathe my cat. I don’t have to do that very often, but once in a while it is necessary. The cat fought back fiercely. Both of us ended up with bleeding scratches. A few days later, we met again and while her scratches had healed perfectly and were nearly invisible, mine were still open wounds. I got to know her secret….Of course, my skin heals very badly due to my chronic lymphatic leukemia. But as my friends’ skin was healing exceptionally fast, I wondered what kind of wound care she was using. I had tried several methods of wound cleansing, followed by different ointments and petroleum jelly to keep the skin moist as recommended. Now I was going to try something new. Something my Latin American friend had recommended to me.


It’s called Cristalmina and I used it twice a day. I cleansed my wound and apply it in the morning and in the evening. In between, I used a zinc oxide ointment and covered it with a sterile adhesive bandage. This is what my wound looked like on the second day after the treatment (two days after cutting myself with a razor blade on my hand).


Cutting myself accidentally with a kitchen knife or a razor blade normally means having to deal with an open wound for up to two weeks. Apart from healing badly, I also observe extensive scarring quite often. I know that patience is the key to healing. Having taken good care of a wound, the second step is treating the scar. If you are as impatient as I am, you will forget about wounds and especially about scars after a few days. However, I have often observed that the very first dealing with an injury has dire consequences.


This time, it seems to have worked. Have a look at my wound after three days of treatment. I have the impression that the wound is growing smaller quickly and it is definitely drying fast. It doesn’t hurt anymore. Doctors endorse Cristalmina, as it does not color the wound like other antiseptics do and does not cause damage when disinfecting the skin. Its main agent, chlorhexidine, is active against vegetative forms of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and yeasts, dermatophytes and lipophilic viruses.


I found a video on YouTube showing a deep wound being treated with Cristalmina. The spray seems to have worked well for the man who recorded the video, yet Cristalmina is generally not prescribed for deep wounds according to the package leaflet. In the meantime, my husband and my son have also used Cristlamina for small injuries. Their experiences have been positive as well. Would I recommend Cristalmina? Yes, I would … but not for everything.

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